Bathtub Plumbing – New Installation

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victor skunkPosted on  5:55 am - Sep 7, 2013

the cover for the over-flow on the tub is put in wrong….. the opening
should be facing down 

Corey AielloPosted on  5:58 pm - Sep 17, 2013

It’s called a coupling not coupler, your definitely not using the right

DIY NilsPosted on  7:50 pm - Sep 17, 2013

Thanks for the info, Corey. I have made notes on the video pointing out
your corrections.

CactusNagaPosted on  7:51 pm - Sep 21, 2013

Thanks for the video(s). I am now ready to tackle my project!

BertminatorPosted on  4:49 am - Sep 25, 2013

Did you fill in your hole & repatch the concrete? if so, I would’ve like to
see that. 

DIY NilsPosted on  2:24 pm - Sep 25, 2013

I did refill it but I only patched the area that was not hidden by the tub.
The plumber I spoke with said that was how they normally did it.

Sam JamesPosted on  4:29 am - Nov 9, 2013

doing a reno of the bathroom soon, thanks for the guidence

Sam NZ Owned Online Marekting Company

PlumbingMadisonWiPosted on  2:36 pm - Dec 5, 2013

Great video, thanks for the insights!

Morgan HammerPosted on  5:44 am - Dec 12, 2013

You didn’t see a Dap box as an option? it’s helpful to have the drain slope
up into the Dap box or ‘hole in the concrete’ and position the trap within
the hole so’s to have the ability to change out, or at least access the
trap for future considerations,.. like replacing broken trap. Or moving an
inch for new tub.
Also more better to use 2″ trap under concrete. ‘Cause WTF!, 1-1/2’ under
concrete is ancient code!

sunil patelPosted on  5:35 pm - Jan 18, 2014

If you can help me.My shower room water drain is clogged and tried
DRAINO+vacummed but not fixed.I dont see any hair or dirt in line while
going to use snake.what could be the problem….

fuckjoesmithPosted on  6:25 am - Jun 24, 2014

Good job, noob.

Dan GreeniePosted on  3:35 am - Jul 21, 2014

Dude … you used blue glue instead of ABS cement? Really? Wouldn’t want
to be you. And, you did not cement the hole with the rubble before setting
the tub? Really? Help me with this because that is NOT the best way to do

russell mantzPosted on  3:01 am - Jul 23, 2014

glues have different heat levels don’t use the wrong glue

dzappss1Posted on  8:24 am - Aug 21, 2014

hydrolisk1792, Red Hot glue is NOT for ABS, and this is a gravity drain not
pressurized… geeze. I sware, reeely…

Duy NguyenPosted on  6:10 am - Sep 11, 2014

For most part its ok to hook up same size drain lines, I hope your the
venting system can handle that extra volume. 

Duy NguyenPosted on  6:17 am - Sep 11, 2014

Couple of things to consider: make sure u use ABS glue instead of PVC glue,
if use PVC should primer be applied as well. In this case I rather advise
you to use thinner pvc or brass p trap with unions instead of abs. Make
sure to properly tie down the strainer with putty and make sure the
overflow not leaking or else you will have more problems to deal with in
the future

Ryan DuggerPosted on  3:17 am - Sep 13, 2014

You are wet venting your bathtub through your lav drain. You should have
ran the vent up to 6 inches above the rim of the sink and tied your vent in
to the stack separately. Some codes allow wet venting under certain
conditions. Pretty sure these do not meet those conditions.

carlos gonzalezPosted on  12:11 am - Oct 5, 2014

please text me ur # i got some questions about my work project on a tube
and shower rough # 210-374-6186

EtherglidePosted on  4:52 pm - Oct 10, 2014

Wow. No good. Get a plumber in.

evahlePosted on  3:40 pm - Nov 24, 2014

Nice video. Thank you!

John SchramPosted on  6:00 am - Jan 16, 2015

You really should not post your first attempt at ANYTHING publicly,
especially something where corrections are clouded in for glaring
oversights like cutting slabs outside of the bath tub footprint and then
offering a link on how this process should be accomplished. Was this a
spoof? Are you a plumber or a well meaning homeowner with a new video

AlThreatfulPosted on  8:42 pm - Feb 7, 2015

bad info.. you should take this down..

susan calhounPosted on  4:16 am - Mar 6, 2015

What would you do to fix the problem of water coming in , The bath and
the toilet were both done like you had done yours. Now the problem is
water leaking in where cuts were made due to concrete floor was half under
the ground and had to go all the way thru to the outside . So when it rains
it floods back into bathroom floor from those cuts and up under the
tiles…MESSY. I’m going to use concrete to cover back up the pipes ( he
used foam and it didn’t work …but I’m not sure how to keep the concrete
from running into the mud just out side and it not form up right …
there anything I can use to put on the OUTSIDE so its flushed with the
foundation wall , so concrete can form right and air tight. There Is also
the water pipes to work around 🙁 I NEED HELP )

jek9911Posted on  9:08 pm - Mar 21, 2015

Since posting this a few years ago, is it draining well? Any problems?

SilicondocPosted on  8:47 am - Jul 15, 2015

5:26 look at that woody the woodpecker hairdo on that fucker !

Alex SwansonPosted on  2:34 pm - Sep 20, 2015

The title should be edited to say how to plumb a bathtub drain.

Mike CPosted on  11:48 am - Feb 3, 2016

I assume that once the pipes were glued that you filled the hole with self
leveling concrete before doing a final connect of the tub?

leonard dowePosted on  12:10 am - Mar 8, 2016

Obviously not a plumber. People, do not listen to this amateur.

Gerhart PrettenhoferPosted on  3:52 pm - Apr 30, 2016

do I need P trap after my bathtub drain assembly?

Chris Hristov (Chris)Posted on  1:47 pm - Jun 12, 2016

I’ve done a lot of remodeling and I’ve never seen some of the builders to
install a trap on these drains. I’ve always wondered why. Good video man…
I’ll definitely install a trap on my next bathtub!

arvind padhiarPosted on  6:06 pm - Sep 17, 2016

Hi do you have any video to change kitchen sinks casting pipes and replace
with shark one.

RadnallyPosted on  5:37 pm - Sep 29, 2016

Thanks. I could not really tell how you vented, but the concrete demo and
dry fitting the drain was a helpful insight as I am about to embark on a
very similar project.

Passed High School PhysicsPosted on  3:49 pm - Nov 26, 2016

Are you using Christie’s blue glue on ABS plastic pipe? Blue glue is for
PVC NOT ABS, it says so right on the can. They say it is NOT to be used on
ABS pipe. You’ll be doing this job again in a few year when all of thee
joints fail from using the wrong glue. The joint may appear to be secure
now but after a months of thermal expansion from the hot and cold water the
joint will fracture and leak. There are YouTube videos showing how the
joints which have failed over time by using the wrong glue.

You want to apply the glue to both pieces of the pipe before you join them
together. The glue softens and melts the plastic so when the two pieces are
joined together they will make a good seal. By putting the glue only on one
piece of pipe makes a weak joint.

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