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Venus Heating SolutionsPosted on  9:02 pm - Sep 24, 2016

nice job with jubilee clip

tired heroPosted on  10:52 am - Oct 2, 2016

i might have only watched this 17 times to get the balls to try it myself

tripjet999Posted on  1:56 pm - Oct 7, 2016

Poor guy lost his shaver.

Iury PravdinPosted on  12:33 am - Oct 10, 2016

You’re the best!

jeremy westernPosted on  3:20 am - Oct 16, 2016

Duh-hes soldering that coupling with the john guest cap still on…
Pressure builds up and blows solder out… Result-leak

TAUFIQUE JULIYAMPosted on  9:40 pm - Oct 23, 2016

very gOod

Edward DevonPosted on  9:32 am - Nov 2, 2016

I’ve watched lots of plumbing video’s on youtube now, and this one is by
far the best one. I am going straight over to the soldering one now.

Rob LeylandPosted on  2:03 pm - Nov 13, 2016

water off
cut it
sf coupling
water on
30 second video

EaglePosted on  3:55 am - Nov 22, 2016

I used silicon caulking and let it dries completely for two days, ( my is
only one day) not a drip so far. Silicon caulking can seal water from
shower tub so why not the pinhole in the pipe. This is a very cheap and
effective way if you do not like to pay $1000 to a plumber. I suggest to
use caulking for gutter exterior all weather proof even in wet condition
type costs about $7. Wife is please because I din’t have to cut the pipe.

bykota61Posted on  2:03 am - Nov 26, 2016

A real bobby dazzler , I must say !,,,thanks Mr. PP !

Mr foxy truckerPosted on  11:05 pm - Dec 8, 2016

No tape Needed??

Tom SimmonsPosted on  10:00 am - Dec 10, 2016

BOOM we got fire 😂 funny guy.
good video too 👍👍

AwakeDude911Posted on  2:36 pm - Dec 15, 2016

somebody give this fast talker a joint lets see if he SLOWS down and we
don’t need closed captions to understand him !

Edward DevonPosted on  1:55 pm - Dec 16, 2016

Hi. I love this video, its really helped me. Ive watched lots of your
videos now simply because I don’t know squat about plumbing. Now I know how
to turn off the water supply, (seriously! I had no idea how to do it
until I watched your videos!) I can change washers, (yes, seriously!)
change cartridges, how to use plumbing tools, and because of your videos I
turned off my water supply, took off the hot and cold bath taps and fitted
shower/mixer taps. I was a bit nervous doing it but it I did it! And they
work and they DONT leak!!! For good measure I put up a shower rail and
curtain, the bought one of those shower holding units so you can put the
shower head on the rail and slide it up and down to adjust height. However,
I have one problem. I hope you can help. (I hope your still reading this!)
The water pressure is not good. So I watched more of your videos for some
more help. I did a liters per minute test on the taps. Here are the
results. Upstairs bath hot tap, 8L per minute. Cold tap 7.5 LPM. Hot mixer
shower tap 2LPM. Cold, 2LPM. Sink h/t 7.5LPM c/t 6.5 LPM. En Suite bath
h/t, 7,5 LPM. C/t, 8.5 LPM. Mixer shower h/t 1.5LPM, c/t 1.25 LPM. Sink h/t
4.25 LPM, sink c/t 11LPM. (Yes, eleven lpm!???) En suite electric shower
fully open so its cold, 10 LPM. Turned on for a usable hand hottish shower,
3.75LPM. Down stairs toilet sink, h/t 5.5 LPM c/t 5LPM. Kitchen sink. (I
have no idea why, but there are two kitchen sinks. One running along the
wall as you enter, and the other under the window where youd normally
expect to see the sink. The one by the wall is: h/t 6LPM, c/t 5 LPM.
However, the one under the window is, h/t 4.25LPM but the c/t is an
unbelievable 12LPM. The outside tap is on the same wall as the powerful
kitchen sink, and that ran at an unbelievable 25 ish LPM. We have a boiler
in the garage. Its a Glow.Warm Flexicom hx. The En suite electric shower is
a MX desire LXi. Do you have any ideas how I can get more water pressure to
the taps including the mixer shower taps? I watched another of your videos
on the Salamander water booster. It looks fantastic and you make it look
easy to fit. I recon I could fit one of them, I feel compus mentus enough
to have a go! (Eeh, I feel raght edjimacatued!) lol!) HOWEVER the folks at
Salamander said it was only good for the cold tap? Did I hear them wrong? I
need a more powerful hot flow of water as well as the cold flow, and your
Salamander video showed the hot tap running quicker. I’m ever so slightly
confused. Please help! How do I get the mixer hot and cold shower taps to
run with more power? Is the Salamander the right one for me? Thank you if
read this all the way to then end. HELP!

Mina MirandaPosted on  8:59 am - Dec 23, 2016

Thanks for sharing- Very helpful!

CBRansomPosted on  6:24 pm - Dec 30, 2016

8:38…I’m dying! Lol!

Elaine CameronPosted on  8:30 am - Jan 9, 2017

You have NO IDEA how you helped me as I was all alone in a seeming
disaster! Fixed it and kept grinning all day…still am…THANK YOU THANK

andrew bennettPosted on  12:19 am - Jan 11, 2017

Why are you try to talk and act like Collinfurze

Bob LongPosted on  9:20 pm - Jan 12, 2017

use your brain??? damn thats drastic!

Steven HaguesPosted on  10:52 pm - Jan 15, 2017

Do one where you put bread in the pipe when you can’t fully isolate
Doesn’t have to be a gluten free granary or ote you can use normal white
bread such as hovis warburtons or even a nice sunblest if you will:)

MoggridgePosted on  9:03 am - Jan 28, 2017

Very useful, thank you.

Charlie MorganPosted on  8:56 pm - Jan 29, 2017

Hi James can you do a video on changing microball pipe to 15mm pls😀

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