How a Plumbing Trap Can Lose Water

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Barrie VermazenPosted on  9:53 pm - May 3, 2016

What I always do with drains which are not used or rarely used, is poor in
a bit of neutral vegetable oil. This way the evaporation of water stops and
sewergas will not enter your house. Also with small streams, for instance
condensationwater from your heating, the oil will stay on top of the water.
You only have to check it once or twice a year if there’s enough oil left.

CrackWildingPosted on  1:32 pm - May 5, 2016

He wastes more bottled water than my kids.

desalvo66Posted on  3:09 am - May 6, 2016

anyone know how to deal with this in an rv trailer build..??

8w9hf89hwPosted on  3:36 am - May 6, 2016

2:46 made me laugh, what a morbid example in an otherwise normal video.

Charles Adamski_1Posted on  3:45 am - May 6, 2016

Great information but I can see some people being confused about – how do I
fill those traps with water?

John GriffithsPosted on  7:47 am - May 6, 2016

solution could be a deep seal trap

novazeePosted on  8:23 am - May 6, 2016

so much knowledge, I can’t handle, please help

Gordon AitchisonPosted on  12:42 pm - May 8, 2016

Why do you say the word capillary different to the UK.

tuberPosted on  1:13 pm - May 8, 2016

Very true and very very important.

Shaun LindowPosted on  2:12 pm - May 8, 2016

Great explanation!!

Honesty CountsPosted on  10:22 pm - May 8, 2016

For people who have un-used bathrooms in their basement: Go into those
bathrooms and flush the toilet every 2 or 3 months to refill the bowl
(water evaporated from that bowl), and let the water run in the sink for 10
to 15 seconds, also to re-fill the trap with more water. That’s what I do.

mykeydrivePosted on  3:18 am - May 9, 2016

Could also be the amount of toothpaste being used in the
househould..toothpaste can cause a vacuum to form in bathroom sinks even
where there is a proper air vent

Plumbing, passion and workPosted on  9:36 am - May 9, 2016

This was awesome thanks

vidanjaatomicaPosted on  4:17 pm - Jun 1, 2016

f…fax? phax? what is that?

Mujahid AliPosted on  11:48 am - Jun 18, 2016

is this the same for airplane toilets

Vytautas PoškaPosted on  10:42 pm - Jun 18, 2016

I don’t understand. . . In my country I never use any went, me myself lives
in two story house with full scale bathroom on the second floor, and I
never had any problems with trap or toilet gurgling you know, so. . . I
don’t think that it IS that nescesary to went every trap in the building. .

Ello GubnaPosted on  3:50 pm - Jul 9, 2016

I seen a drain line for a washer that had a duck billed valve on the top.
Pretty much does the same thing that mechanical one does. Is that ok?

Mark SchommerPosted on  7:01 am - Sep 10, 2016

I’ve seen the water bounce in my toilets in a really windy day.

RadnallyPosted on  12:12 am - Sep 29, 2016

There’s also a maximum distance a vent can be from the fixture and still be

sandy andersonPosted on  8:28 am - Oct 22, 2016

Brillant, thank you, sandy

E vpPosted on  12:58 pm - Oct 28, 2016

Rich is awesome

Gullah NegusPosted on  7:32 am - Nov 1, 2016

I wish ppl would just learn to compost n u won’t have toilet issues and ur
helping mother earth!!!!

Ryan UnderwoodPosted on  6:30 pm - Nov 8, 2016

Very informative! And I appreciate how quickly he goes through the various
causes, not belaboring it unnecessarily into a 20 minute video. Great job!

nobby stylesPosted on  8:36 pm - Nov 8, 2016

really helpfull, got a bathroom to install and was getting conflicting info
on venting. now i understand a bit more and feel more confident thanks.

Shlomo CohenPosted on  2:37 pm - Nov 16, 2016

what is the piece that was used instead of the roof vent called? I need to
buy one badly .

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