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bertybollocksPosted on  9:36 am - Sep 15, 2013

Well informative again braaaap!!!!

jamief1979Posted on  8:56 am - Sep 16, 2013

if you can bend a 35mm cross over a 28 mm piece ov pipe jaz using your
benders you defo r the mutz nutz pal ha

Josh BrooksPosted on  9:10 pm - Nov 7, 2013

Had to do this a college as a task for level 2 and found this easy the only
frame I found hard is lcs 

Josh BrooksPosted on  9:14 pm - Nov 7, 2013

Your way is a lot quicker than what the college showed me thanks mate 

Kevin ChamberlainPosted on  6:50 pm - Nov 21, 2013

Good job mate! I’m a joiner brushing up cos I got a pipe or two to
manhandle! I tend to forget something or other when pipes occasionally
hove into view. HOWEVER, I hereby challenge you to bend one freehand for
display purposes (please)!

FunkSoulClassic89Posted on  11:13 pm - Feb 4, 2014

this is hard lol you make it look so easy

Chris FosterPosted on  8:26 pm - Feb 14, 2014

Save time and just buy an endex crossover saves messing about! !

HandyjackPosted on  6:36 pm - Jul 19, 2014

Can we have a video on you getting a treble 20 through that crossover
please? ;)

jamie greenPosted on  8:26 pm - Aug 27, 2014

Does this same rule apply to 22mm cooper?? 

super trowelPosted on  8:00 pm - Oct 6, 2014

# ask the plumber Whats the weirdest/ funnyst thing you have come across
found or seen on a job maybe you wish you didnt???? 

TheFatman2436Posted on  11:17 pm - Jan 24, 2015

Your a good bender haha good video 

nottsbezPosted on  11:16 pm - Mar 2, 2015

How about a partial crossover…?

CarskinifyPosted on  4:16 pm - Mar 27, 2015

Good thing everybody has a bender like that.

Levi GrechPosted on  10:52 am - May 4, 2015

Sorted Guv Lovely Cat :)

S LayacPosted on  7:35 pm - May 11, 2015

thx you for your video does help a lot…..

Rob UnoMePosted on  4:27 pm - Jun 29, 2015

Hi M8 Luv the Vid! George is a Very Hansom Tabby! Do give him a hug from I!

The Greatest Debator in the WorldPosted on  4:18 pm - Aug 10, 2015

lol yeah triple twenty is even more higher

Hardy AaronPosted on  8:45 pm - Sep 12, 2015

had to make kinky sets today and my pass over bends were shocking. had to
watch this

Tiberiu KalmarPosted on  2:05 pm - Nov 15, 2015

thanks mate for the video

Leo AndersonPosted on  10:27 am - Nov 25, 2015

What pipe bender do you use ? Great video !

stutterrankingPosted on  9:27 am - Nov 26, 2015

Morning sir I have just started a plumbing and heating course can you
recommend a good pipe bender I can start practising with and take on in to
my job when I have completed my course thanks stutter hold tight

Shaun AdamsPosted on  5:32 pm - Jan 5, 2016

great video. really helpful. been working on cross overs in college… my
first attempt failed, then nailed is secend time. 👍

tario rhinoPosted on  3:09 pm - Mar 10, 2016

nice tips, how about bending crossover for PPR pipe? hope you can show it
to us!

vvvvv729Posted on  1:05 am - Mar 24, 2016

hi what better to bend the pipe or use compression joint please

Mohsen kiaPosted on  2:09 pm - Jun 16, 2016

Could you semi crossover pending please

pete aidonPosted on  8:01 am - Sep 18, 2016

great stuff you doing you are on point.

134493Posted on  5:43 pm - Oct 18, 2016

Great video. Any videos on bending 28 mm pipe . Thanks

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