How to check for hidden leaks in your plumbing.

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ramonasplumberPosted on  2:55 am - Oct 1, 2012

We have an 8 acre Ranch we call “Rancho PlumLoco” she is a Psychiatrist We
have no kids, just Pets & Taxes.

ramonasplumberPosted on  3:15 am - Oct 1, 2012

You are so correct, she works 12 to 14 hr. days, she has stopped treating
at the restriction of Insurance so she is cash/check/CC only and spends
1.2Hr. min. each visit. when not is office, she is 24 7/365 at her cell ph.
ringing for assistance by people desperate. She is a Pediatrician and
treats whole family at times, since what she treats is often in the genes
from parents. (takes one to know one). I speak from experience. Yes this is
Rancho Plumloco, we care, we fix things. 

PoshnPreppy76Posted on  10:41 am - Oct 11, 2012

Yes I agree we are the lucky ones and thank you for sharing your knowledge
and skill with us! 

ramonasplumberPosted on  3:13 pm - Oct 11, 2012

Making the world a better place is everyones responsibility, I wish could
create a church to this effort but have no separatist Religion involved.
Rotary International is such an org. but since people are involved, walls
get built and self interest blinds. 

Tom HulmePosted on  11:00 pm - Dec 27, 2012

this was intense

ramonasplumberPosted on  2:59 am - Dec 28, 2012

Plumbing is very involved and water is a dynamic substance. Plumbers need
in my mind 8 yrs. of training to be competent. I consider a professional
plumber as trained as an Engineer. This is a Masters degree type
profession. The title of a “true” Plumber is “Master Plumber”. Most people
have no idea what a fully trained Plumber really needs to know. It could be
considered “intense”. Intensive training is required.

glashoppahPosted on  6:22 am - Apr 5, 2013

Greg is a master of masters. It’s a lot of fun to watch him work.

kliffwalkerPosted on  1:25 am - Jun 7, 2013

What if it actually go’s up after you turn off the water to the house?

ramonasplumberPosted on  3:50 pm - Jun 7, 2013

If by it you mean pressure, you have thermal expansion happening. The water
heater was heating water at the time you had water off and thus the house
piping closed and pressure trapped in the house. A thermal expansion tank
is the only solution.

luxuria65Posted on  5:11 am - Sep 22, 2013

Your videos are awesome! Thanks!

Will JohnsonPosted on  8:45 pm - Nov 22, 2013

Great information. thanks.

Douglas KirkPosted on  7:43 pm - Feb 12, 2014

Thanks Greg…I learned something today!

Mike GaleaPosted on  2:38 pm - Apr 27, 2014

Hi friend,please can you tell me from where I can buy this gauge on line?
Thanks for help

Craig SchafferPosted on  4:04 am - May 5, 2014

Great information…thanks for posting.

Julie Olin SerottaPosted on  2:19 am - May 24, 2014

So, how can you test if you don’t have that kind of water shut off valve?
Ours is the knob kind.

Richard CowtailsPosted on  11:02 am - Dec 18, 2014


Henry LeePosted on  6:50 am - Feb 23, 2015

Thank you, Sir. You are awesome and put my mind at ease after my house had
a frozen exterior pipe, which share the same water line with a shower,
which is the furthest faucet from the main. I applied your method and had
no leak but the pressure reads 65 psi. I thought it read 75 psi at first
but I tapped the dial and open/close the spigot a few times to test and it
is the Sam reason.
A question for you. If there is a leak, the pressure will continue to drop
until there is no pressure left, correct? I tested for 2 hours, after
correct the spigot leave to mimimize drip. There is stil a tiny drip at the
end of the spigot sleeve but the pressure stayed the same. The gauge is
brand new and is very sensitive when I adjust the start closing the spigot;
the pressure dropped immediately. Pressure stayed the same at 65 psi when
spigot was fully opened and the main was off.

Joseph GPosted on  9:48 pm - Jul 16, 2015

Can you explain why a gate valve isn’t good to use for this test? I’m
losing pressure in a brand new Pex system and I can’t locate any leaks.

rajen ojarPosted on  10:52 pm - Sep 17, 2015

i have to try this. i have a gauge what type of fitting to use to screw on

rajen ojarPosted on  11:01 pm - Sep 17, 2015

have to ask u this, pump supplying house all taps close pump goes on off on
off when close outlet stopcork pump stop running is the pump in need of
service or is there a leak

GoldenPimpPosted on  8:48 pm - Dec 10, 2015

Why is a round gate valve bad for this test? Like someone else asked.

Darrul StocksPosted on  10:10 pm - Jan 3, 2016

Old round/gate valves are poor shut off valves. Unlike ball valves many of
these gates do not fully close to shut the water completely off. Gate
valves usually have a higher fail rate than ball valves, especially old

Andy CurtisPosted on  3:56 pm - Jan 23, 2016

thanks you for the upload :>

Bharat Kumar GuptaPosted on  10:56 am - May 30, 2016

excellent tip, professional!

Heather APosted on  2:06 pm - Jul 26, 2016

I have a question. I am buying a hud house and the inspection report said
when they air tested the plumbing all leaked at water heater and water
heater had broken nozel. Do you think I need to possibly just replace the
water heater?

Jogo gPosted on  3:58 am - Oct 3, 2016

So you work under your wife Ramona’s plumbing license ?

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