How to Clear a Clogged Plumbing Vent – This Old House

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Dawn BrockPosted on  4:16 pm - Sep 23, 2016

with if the top pipe is to the side do it mean its not working

richard ordonezPosted on  2:10 pm - Oct 1, 2016

that’s a Ridgid Sea Snake inspection camera. costs thousands of dollars and
fragile too but as you can see makes a great diagnostic tool. Probably
wasn’t leaves the roof would have been covered with leaves and over hanging

My SpacePosted on  11:59 pm - Oct 1, 2016

The adavantage is, you have a camera.

Billy DiamondPosted on  9:34 pm - Oct 4, 2016

thank you so much!!!! You saved me hundreds of dollars in getting a plumber
out to the house. I first tried a new toilet and when that wasn’t the
culprit I was at a loss, especially since the lines (tub, toilet, sink) all
seemed to be totally clear. Unclogging a ventilation pipe and having the
right air flow made all the difference in the world. I can’t thank you
enough for this help video.

your namePosted on  3:18 am - Oct 18, 2016

So if i become a plumber could i just charge people to clean drains all
day? This seems so easy…..

Carlos AnzoraPosted on  6:34 am - Oct 18, 2016

Dude where the gloves at?

elmcityvintagePosted on  1:52 pm - Nov 8, 2016

i just unclogged mine with a shop vac and extension. would not have thought
about a clogged vent tube before watching this video. thank you. xoxo

sungleongPosted on  2:44 am - Nov 24, 2016

my house keep making the water dripping sound, from second floor to
basement. you think it has to do with the plumbing vent?? the sound is
driving me crazy, I couldn’t sleep at night? any idea? can’t find any water

Guy HighPosted on  3:55 am - Dec 1, 2016

No safety gear. They should both be wearing harnesses.

gettinringsPosted on  5:09 pm - Dec 18, 2016

A small sewer jetter would have been nice for this job !!

twinsigPosted on  3:44 pm - Dec 22, 2016

Hey dip-Sh!#, do it without a thousand dollar camera!

Jogo gPosted on  5:13 am - Jan 2, 2017

He says that he is done, but passing a snake through for extra measure
wouldn’t hurt you know very well that you partially unclogged the drain
fucking theif plumber

PermaFrostyifyPosted on  8:35 am - Jan 3, 2017

it was a dead rat. you can see the eye of it if you pay attention.

mars dzPosted on  5:39 am - Jan 10, 2017

use some gloves

ROGER2095Posted on  3:59 pm - Jan 21, 2017

I’d like to get one of those flexible 12′ electrician poles with a hook on
it. What’s its actual name?

LuismnegritoPosted on  8:03 am - Jan 24, 2017

My kitchen sink doesn’t drain water all the way, unless the garbage
disposal get turn on and even when it’s turn off some water is still
visible ? We tried all sorts liquids but still no luck. Also when we turn
the garbage disposal on we can hear water sounds from the bathroom sink
that is next to the kitchen. Any suggestion?

Joe AlvaradoPosted on  1:22 pm - Jan 24, 2017

Safety first. Gloves ?

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