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Brian DobbinPosted on  11:06 am - Dec 20, 2015

thanks for putting up this video. I followed everything you said and my
house is lovely and warm once again. thank you.

Richard WallingerPosted on  8:54 pm - Dec 23, 2015

great video easy to follow but inhibit ? .Wozzaaat.

diymostthingsPosted on  10:46 pm - Jan 10, 2016

A lot of older systems retain the vented boiler system while updating to an
unvented cylinder for the hot water to taps. In this case the boiler is
still fed from a feed and expansion tank in the loft and the coil in the
indirect cylinder is still vented. The cylinder itself is pressure-fed from
the mains via a pressure regulator and fills with water at 3 bar. A “Y”
system (3 port valve) ot “S” system (2 off 2 port valves) still makes the
split between tap hot water and the radiator circuit. Actually I prefer the
vented heat store system where the cylider water is simply a heat reservior
– this water never changes. It’s heated indirectly by a coil from the
boiler abd hot tap water comes from another indirect coil in the sylider.
The beauty of this system is that the hot water to the taps is freshly from
the mains (the unvented cyliner water could hang around for days before
being drawn off at the taps) and it does not need an annual service and
check of the safety trips and valves as does the unvented. Nice video.

emidiorodrigues27Posted on  6:24 pm - Jan 17, 2016

Hi I got a Worcester 9.24 boiler, it runs Ok but there is a leaking water
falling from the diverter valve and the pressure gauge goes down.

M BakerPosted on  11:07 am - Jan 21, 2016

Thanks for the great entertainment! I have a Worcester Bosch Greensted 30si
and I need to add inhibitor, no plumbed towel rad, and no rads with a bleed
valve blanking cap, they are all built into the radiator panels. Drain down
and refill/pressurise is easy but where can I add inhibitor? Best option
seems to be to remove an upstairs rad and pour into the pipes? Or is there
a place to fill on this particular boiler? Thanks.

Daryl HatherrleyPosted on  9:54 pm - Feb 4, 2016

Hi, is draining the heating off a megaflow the same as draining off a

Llyr JonesPosted on  9:57 am - Feb 28, 2016

I’ll second Tommy Ds comment. Also, when you switch on the heating after
filling up, would you recommend a warm bleed? (with the system off), or
would you let it cool down? I still have some air knocking about the
system, so I was wondering what you’d do? Tested for leaks and all seems
well. Also have 4 zones of UFH.


kenny playPosted on  12:31 pm - Feb 29, 2016

Do you ever add a corrosion liquid to the system??

dyadunPosted on  8:44 pm - Mar 10, 2016

you are a bit of a legend

BikerchrisPosted on  7:41 pm - Apr 13, 2016

It’s so rare to see entertainment AND well conveyed information, thank you
and keep up the good work!

turd facePosted on  5:36 pm - May 1, 2016

Things were going great till i went to scrub the cats belly and the bastard
clawed me to death,couldnt finish the job and had to get the plumber in as
i took meself off to A an E. great vids boy.

Altaf SheikhPosted on  7:22 pm - May 14, 2016

Amazing Videos love your sense of Humour

Harry KhanPosted on  4:24 pm - Aug 9, 2016

Great videos. Always love to watch.

Harry KhanPosted on  4:31 pm - Aug 9, 2016

I wonder if you have any video on how to service an old floor standing
gravity boiler?

Chemical Free MePosted on  12:31 am - Aug 12, 2016

Would you follow these same procedures if one was to de-winterize their
heating system?

Rachel DurrantPosted on  4:12 pm - Aug 19, 2016

You deserve fame my friend 🙂 Loved it :)

simon stainesPosted on  4:27 pm - Sep 14, 2016

Slow down with your commentary man! Lol a lot of us are trying to take it
all in 😇

Suunnyy KhanPosted on  2:39 pm - Sep 20, 2016

can you help me how to replace combi boiler pump please.

joseph prosserPosted on  10:47 am - Sep 23, 2016

“Blue Peter without the drugs”. Brilliant! I find that putting inhibitor
back in before refilling the system is easiest via unscrewing the top bleed
valve in the towel radiator in the bathroom and pouring it in, certainly a
lot easier than trying to get it into a radiator top corner bleed valve
port. Refilling then helps the circulation of the inhibitor chemicals
pretty quickly

WE ARE ALL THE SAMEPosted on  10:56 pm - Oct 5, 2016

thank you grate video you are always very helpful :)

TheDrummist88Posted on  11:54 am - Oct 30, 2016

Currently Doing my Gas Acs Cat 3, And these videos are helping me out so
much as its things like these the course doesn’t really teach you, but i’ve
been coming across a lot on placement, So thank you very much man!

Adrian BrownPosted on  9:03 pm - Nov 4, 2016

didnt understand this first time now I do great and amusing thats the way
forward thanks

Rory O’FlahertyPosted on  9:30 pm - Nov 23, 2016

I bled a radiator and dirty water came out, smelled really horrible, almost
fishy. Should I be asking my landlord to drain the system or is it possible
that the radiators are old and need replacing? I guess it’s hard to tell
without seeing it. Nice videos, you’re a very entertaining dude ;)

Jimmynoleaks boilermanPosted on  7:35 pm - Jan 9, 2017

Typically ,the only time you would drain the entire system is if you’re
changing rads or the boiler any thing else just pull a vac,you know,finger
over the straw trick.

Jimmynoleaks boilermanPosted on  7:37 pm - Jan 9, 2017

Drain the complete system, if you get paid by the hour.

Gta GhalePosted on  8:19 pm - Jan 14, 2017

should the condensate trap should be left empty ? after emptying it ???

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