How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing

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Tracy Gun’zPosted on  11:11 am - Dec 13, 2016

How did u shut the other 2 copper pips beside that off. The 2 longs ones
going up the wall ?

Glenn PearsonPosted on  4:24 pm - Dec 13, 2016

Jeff, I am loving your videos. Thank you for putting in the extra time to
do these videos.

I did have one question. From the drop ear for the tub spout, do you just
use threaded galvanized steel to connect the spout, or what did you end up
using? I know you said no soldering required for this job, so I’m wondering
what you did. Thanks in advance!

dimitrifromparis87Posted on  7:54 pm - Dec 14, 2016

you’re a plumber, you keep the teflon on the contrary, the clamp also

youjustgottadrumPosted on  9:08 pm - Dec 14, 2016

So much wrong in this video…

hellokitty16 love is lovePosted on  7:46 pm - Dec 16, 2016

don’t misled turn pliers the correct way

Louie LamoorePosted on  10:49 pm - Dec 17, 2016

Nothing but nickle and dime lambasting here. He basically did a good job
W/O a so called license plumber.

Larry FrazierPosted on  1:26 pm - Dec 18, 2016

where did you get your connection fittings from?

Parker ShawPosted on  5:10 am - Dec 19, 2016

Great video! Will definitely follow your sample if I need to do it myself
in the future: Pex + Sharkbite.

Just curious, what made you to skip the third screw for the shower sprout
in the last moment?


Way2 Fast4uPosted on  8:18 pm - Dec 19, 2016

hi what if the valve has no bracket and I want to use pex how do you secure
the valve ????

Claptrap 58Posted on  1:06 am - Dec 22, 2016

as someone doing renos, you are pretty much on the mark
no need to split hairs here.
good job!

Евгений ИвановичPosted on  2:25 am - Dec 25, 2016

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Pacific BluePosted on  4:06 am - Dec 25, 2016

Jeff, I’m in CA. I read there are 70 different kinds/brands of PEX. Do you
have a brand you prefer to work with? Thx!

Kevin zzPosted on  1:54 pm - Dec 25, 2016

bro, I have a massive leak. While I was trying to replace the caulk around
my kitchen cabinet I noticed the drywall was damp. When I poked a hole to
see why it was wet I noticed black mold. So I used a mirror to see down the
drywall and guess what? The mixer valve from the bathroom which faces the
kitchen walls was leaking from the hot water line.

It looks like I might have to use shark bites because all the pipes are
copper, question; how well will it hold if I use a male shark bite to fit
the female thread on the mixer?

Korie RockwellPosted on  5:27 am - Dec 28, 2016

How do you put the panel inclosure

grinchyfacePosted on  7:07 am - Dec 30, 2016

“sand cloth”. Fucking canadians.

Keila SilvaPosted on  10:53 pm - Dec 31, 2016

Me chama que eu vou aí trabalhar… Muito tranquilo esse trabalho.

Robert B.Posted on  3:36 am - Jan 6, 2017

The only downside is not the cost if you can do it quickly and easily.
However, what is the downside is that the or-rings used in a Sharkbite
won’t last half the PEX’s shelf life.

EricNielsen187Posted on  1:00 am - Jan 8, 2017

I realize this video is targeting home owners, but unless Pex manufacturers
have changed, Surlock fitting void any warranty you may have had, and would
not pass a plumbing inspection. Buy the right Pex crimp rings, and if you
don’t have the crimper, Rona and Home Depot rent them with a crimp gauge to
check every crimp. When it fails the homeowner always argues they saw it on
HGTV, DIY or Youtube.

Skip RopePosted on  12:05 am - Jan 11, 2017

Great VIDEO and I am a contractor. You are fun to watch TY!

RM ClarkPosted on  2:43 pm - Jan 13, 2017

Should the inner tub be pulled out using Copper? Or is that optional?

alexander ostrouchovPosted on  8:05 pm - Jan 14, 2017

Overkill with the Teflon tape (not to mention the plumbers paste). I worked
in industrial instrumentation for 7 years and was taught to use and always
used only about one and a half turn around the threaded end of the pipe
with the tape. Never had a leaking connection. The tape is there only to
fill the extremely tiny spaces between the meshing threads. Too much tape
will prevent the two parts from engaging sufficiently due to the many
layers of it enlarging the diameter or might come off completely during
engagement due to the extreme layer thickness. Good job and good
intentions, but remember more is not always better.

Anonymous BarosPosted on  10:34 pm - Jan 14, 2017

DELTA’s instructions have said not to use PEX for the tub spout, those are
not compression fittings, used the pliers & Teflon tape backwards,
Sharkbite adapters have orings that go flat in a few years, also their is
an erosion effect at the copper to sharkbite connection, if this guy is a
plumber he is awful in this demonstration, he should’ve read the
instructions for all of this valve to pliers to Teflon tape & paste. LOL

Anonymous BarosPosted on  11:09 pm - Jan 14, 2017

“The Road is paved with Good Intentions”. Work like this is why Home
Inspectors have a job & if it isn’t found some poor buyer will be stuck
with shoddy work. plumbers are definitely too expensive but you’re work
needs more professionalism but at least you’re getting out there. Our
Comments & Vid Views line your pockets.

bj0rn2rePosted on  7:12 pm - Jan 15, 2017

Hi! funny how different we do things, here in Norway that would be illegal
to do, pex has to be in its full length to the main intake box (pipe in
pipe) and the shower connection must be in a watherproof box, and the out
take spout has also has to be in a watherproof box 🙂 ill try to make a
video next time i do it 🙂 sorry for my bad english if something is unclear

Patrick McDonoughPosted on  8:08 am - Jan 19, 2017

always pay for a real licensed plumber.

Paul GilhuisPosted on  2:59 pm - Jan 19, 2017

nice to see you Jeff.
remember me from our Ottawa Home Improvement days?

Mike HoontPosted on  1:00 am - Jan 20, 2017

Pliers have a forward and reverse design………

Nazmi ÜnlüPosted on  7:38 am - Jan 20, 2017

very good

Pete TaskerPosted on  3:39 pm - Jan 20, 2017

Thanks for the vid. Used Sharkbites to redo my shower thanks to this vid.
Stuck with copper for the new pipes. Worked great, no leaks. Thanks again!

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