How to Install Pex Pipe Waterlines in Your Home. Part 2. Plumbing Tips!

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VIP Plumber SydneyPosted on  6:17 pm - Sep 22, 2016

Hi guys!Great video

Malcolm MarzoPosted on  3:24 pm - Oct 12, 2016

Good real world demo of how pex works. Better than bench top videos.

Joe WallPosted on  4:46 am - Oct 19, 2016

no one uses cpvc anymore?

Ron DudePosted on  11:26 am - Oct 21, 2016

Great video! Are there two different sets of jaws for the ridgid cordless
crimmping tool? One that does copper and one that does pex? Or is there
just one set of jaws that does both?

Sajid RafiquePosted on  7:12 pm - Oct 21, 2016

Sir. Will removal of existing rusted galvanized pipes and inserting PEX in
vertical walls be daunting ? Will I have to cut most of the drywall to make
the pex go through the holes that are in the 2X4s ?

Mike MountPosted on  3:57 am - Oct 27, 2016

Very nice and informative video.

Ajax2341Posted on  11:26 pm - Nov 2, 2016

Hi there. are the crimp fittings reusable?

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