How to join pex (plastic pipe) five different ways. Plumbing Tips!

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Tsering lakPosted on  2:13 pm - Nov 5, 2016

hello nice, can you please tell me where i can buy Rehau fittings tool like
you have??? thanx

Sajid RafiquePosted on  12:38 am - Nov 14, 2016


John BonellPosted on  3:28 pm - Nov 18, 2016

I DO NOT appreciate the anti-Obama add before this video. I have left
several Youtube videos because of this ad.

wiscoPosted on  5:25 pm - Jan 8, 2017

i had guy use those copper crimp on water line to outside faucet but after
the shut off valve he used fittings that went inside the line reducing
water flow to my sprinkler, so this was helpful when i change out the
fittings so as i can get back my flow for sprinkler, great video.

skoronesaPosted on  3:31 am - Jan 14, 2017

There is a latch on the viega crimper to bring the handles together a bit
for when you first start, then after crimping a bit you let the handles go
apart and finish. Makes squeezing easier because the handles stay closer.

SRG0101Posted on  8:50 pm - Jan 14, 2017

My toilet has a weeping gate valve connected to some PEX pipe with a copper
crimp. Should I cut the pipe — problem is I only have less than 2″ of pipe
from the floor — or is there a way to remove the copper crimp without
cutting the pipe?

BaywardPosted on  8:06 am - Jan 19, 2017

It’s a good system folks

NaharakPosted on  2:31 pm - Jan 22, 2017

Nice I need this Tutorial I love u ;*
lets have sex someday

GI-KNEE DRAGGERS MCPosted on  8:58 am - Jan 24, 2017

. isn’t this the same piping that everyone’s having problems out of now

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