How to use sharkbite fittings for easy fix. Plumbing Tips!

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Zyzyzx ZyzerPosted on  3:50 pm - Jan 3, 2016

Just used this super easy literally push n go. Copper to pex. Time will
tell but hell it was literally couple minute repair

Joe DelfinoPosted on  5:16 pm - Jan 9, 2016

Just Had a flood I will never use them again 3 values blow up on me I can’t
believe the mess I have I had to rip 3 wall down in the shower because of
the values i used . I am pissed off

George SiatosPosted on  8:49 am - Jan 17, 2016

this fiittings always leaking with copper pipe.the best way is to solder
the pipe!!

George SiatosPosted on  8:51 am - Jan 17, 2016

dont use this fitting on central heating!!!!always leaking….with hot

Furia dormidaPosted on  1:32 am - Jan 28, 2016

Can these sharkbite fitings be used to fix a copper tubing used on
an air compressor?

Freddie PioneloPosted on  1:05 pm - Jan 29, 2016

wow easy way to repair plumbing work

bphirmPosted on  7:18 am - Feb 3, 2016

How about T’ing off a 3/4″ in my attic and running to the master shower? Do
you think I should sold or will shark bite hold for the next 20 years? Have
a good weekend

Jorge APosted on  3:08 am - Feb 7, 2016

Real plumbers don’t use shark bite . We solder

scorpiomaj27Posted on  7:24 pm - Feb 11, 2016

FYI – I’ve used these just fine with the sleeves left IN for the copper,
this is so I don’t have to find them again and/or replace in the event I
gut the rest of the copper. It’s working just fine, didn’t notice any
effect on flow rates.

Aviator168Posted on  3:06 am - Feb 13, 2016

Great video. Couple of questions. What size do sharkbite come with and how
long do they last?

Michael PalmerPosted on  1:07 pm - Feb 15, 2016

I bought a 3/8″ Sharkbite for my 3/8″ water line for a new dishwasher and I
can’t get it on. ??? Should I have bought a 1/2″ Sharkbite?

BillyPosted on  3:07 am - Feb 20, 2016

I had a professional Plummer give me a quote for a whole house repipe for
$5500…..yea right! I repiped my whole house with pex and shark Bite for
$800. It’s been 3 years and works fine for me. I guess plummers would be
afraid of losing business!

Johnny OutterbridgePosted on  5:18 pm - Feb 21, 2016

so why can’t the copper use the sleeves? i understand it’s for plastic
sealing but what’s the con to leaving it in on copper

Phil HPosted on  3:41 am - Mar 5, 2016

The official Sharkbite video says that you should use the black insert for
copper pipe! The mustard insert with the sleeve is specifically made for
pex pipe. Maybe that’s why you had trouble with the sleeve. My hardware
store sold me the mustard one for copper, and now I’m not sure I should use
it, especially on a water heater.

Phil HPosted on  3:50 am - Mar 5, 2016

I checked again, and the black inserts are apparently only available in
Australia, so I guess I’ll give it a try on copper. Without the gage tool,
how do you know where to mark the pipe for overlap?

Energitec as NorgePosted on  6:19 pm - Mar 15, 2016

Cool stuff

John SmithPosted on  10:29 pm - Mar 19, 2016

Share bite says the are guaranteed for 25 years. Why would you spend all
that money for only a few days or week repair? Like, then what? I have a 36
year old mobile home with that old junk compression clamps. Don’t know the
name of it, but there is nothing you can do with it except to use shark
bite’s or the one’s from lowe’s. I can’t replace all the plumbing in an
entire trailer because of one leak… that would be crazy.

Dennis yojPosted on  11:51 pm - Apr 9, 2016

Nice video of a useful system for householders.
A few comments were about soldering instead- hardly possible with plastic
pipe repairs.
I have a few points that were not clear to me- Sharkbite can obviously be
used on plastic and metal as the video showed but you did not say that
unless i missed it.
You said the sleeve is not needed on some pipes but did not show how to
remove them?
There was blue and red plastic pipe in the video. What is the significance?
I have some white pipe that looks identical to your red/blue. Can I use

Overall a nice informative video useful to many of us.


yakoob yakoobPosted on  11:09 pm - Jun 5, 2016

hi.thanks for the video..i wanna take a connection to for inground
sprinkler system from basement but i had flood in basement once so i am
nervous to use sharkbite or any non solder pipe connection.what to you
suggest ?

Yvette CasonPosted on  1:08 am - Jun 8, 2016

Thank for this ! My husband has been looking for the measurement that is
not included on the package and You mentioned it in your video! He said it
was so easy . Thanks.

colin z.Posted on  6:21 am - Jul 15, 2016

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Tony GarzaPosted on  5:07 pm - Aug 18, 2016

Are there sharkbite fittings already installed on a water shut off valve,
the one connected to the wall for your sink or toilet? Thanks for the

The DenogginizerPosted on  11:39 pm - Aug 28, 2016

If you don’t have the removal clip I have found that a crescent wrench
adjusted just tight enough to touch the pipe works just as well to remove
the fittings.

TheWooddogerPosted on  7:47 pm - Aug 30, 2016

thank you

RPCfamilyPosted on  10:06 pm - Sep 3, 2016

i used these on my toilet ,turned the well pump off .cut the pipe water
came shooting out till it stopped ,put it all back together ,now no water
comes out -any thing i missed

TsiikkiPosted on  9:17 am - Sep 11, 2016

if you have a pinhole in your copper pipe, it is time to replace whole
pipe. You’re just waiting another pinhole to burst.

Art Cancro (IGnatius T Foobar)Posted on  3:07 pm - Sep 13, 2016

Sharkbite fittings … very easy to install … very messy to clean up when
they inevitably start leaking all over your house.

PRO Plumber BrisbanePosted on  5:11 am - Sep 21, 2016

Great tips.

We are a group of plumbing professional. You can contact with us too. We
need to share both of our working procedures with each other

Bob BarrettPosted on  2:58 pm - Oct 19, 2016

How do I find a plumber who uses shock rite

Joe BrennerPosted on  3:46 pm - Oct 22, 2016

Just did some new cpvc pluming. Broke an existing cpvc joint repaired with
a shark bite in 5 min. workrd great,

Andrew HammPosted on  7:00 pm - Nov 15, 2016

Would be nice if you showed how to remove the sleeve for copper pipe. Also
does the inside of copper pipe need to be cleaned out prior to insertion?

Billy “Globe Warmer” WillettPosted on  5:36 pm - Nov 16, 2016

Can you show the inside with the insert and the inside without the insert?
(close up)
Can you show the small black tool that you used to un-couple the fitting?

wiscoPosted on  6:01 pm - Jan 8, 2017

it should be said, i watched a video from sharkbite and they make certain
fittings for pex and certain fittings for copper, their not
interchangeable, unless they have been updated, guess i wouldnt use an old
sharkbite fitting for this the video i saw only sharkbite fittings with
black seal are for copper

skoronesaPosted on  12:15 pm - Jan 15, 2017

For one, sharkbite fittings are a joke, if you see a “plumber” using them
he is a hack. Second, for the cost you are way better off using pex
fittings. If you don’t want to use a crimper you can use hose clamps on pex
fittings, even that would be better than sharkbites. Or you could get
insert fittings and pp pipe which is the proper stuff to use with hose

For 20-30$ you can get a crimper from superior tool that uses 10″ locking
pliers to properly crimp copper pex rings.

You said it your self, “wouldn’t use them for permanent plumbing”. Shark
bites can be knocked loose and require the surface of the copper pipe to be
clean and uniform, repairing older leaky pipes generally means rust/krub
buildup. At least get fine grit sand paper or something to clean the old

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