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Best Plumber Service ldPosted on  5:59 pm - Aug 4, 2016

so much nicer than those old hand cranks

Chris RomeroPosted on  11:41 pm - Aug 10, 2016

Yada Yada, he had to do wat needed to be done,I had a bathtub like that and
did the same thing, it’s called being careful..dnt be scured. if you had
the tools/ auger,would you do it or pay 200$?

JUNIOR LEWISPosted on  6:00 pm - Aug 26, 2016

Nice and useful video. Pity it was done in a dangerous manner. I was
worried that you would probably get yourself electrocuted by using an
electric drill over that bath tub filled with water. I suggest next time
you use a battery/cordless drill.

Tony BPosted on  8:08 pm - Sep 7, 2016

took to long and get a smaller cable. and stop using the chuck real sewer
guys use there hands to jump the trap lol

Tony BPosted on  8:09 pm - Sep 7, 2016

and to all saying water and electricity. those drills are made to get wet
that’s what they are made for .

Salina SanchezPosted on  2:32 am - Sep 8, 2016

Great vid my drain was clogged tried everything but this uncloged it in
couple of minutes!!

Sylvan TiegerPosted on  1:08 pm - Sep 13, 2016

Damn lucky you did not put a hole right though a waste bend or break the
over flow connection to the tee

Normally in older buildings I find General Ram jet is not only a lot safer
it is faster and cleaner

Jerry TurnerPosted on  5:59 pm - Sep 23, 2016

Nice commentary

Nikki LovesPosted on  3:17 am - Oct 1, 2016


T TAMPosted on  6:53 pm - Oct 1, 2016

Cowboy plumber

Matt paveyPosted on  5:44 pm - Oct 2, 2016

If you are fed up with living don’t leave your loved ones with a blocked
drain. Just spin then go!

bb ccPosted on  1:47 am - Oct 16, 2016

5 minutes. $$$$$???

DCassidy42Posted on  3:29 am - Oct 17, 2016

How to nearly electrocute someone in 5 mins.

jose ariasPosted on  6:54 am - Oct 22, 2016

Doesn’t know to snake out a bath tub . What a rookie

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