Let’s Play Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties 3DO Playthrough – 18+ Only Mature Content

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TheGameNerdGuyPosted on  7:43 pm - Jul 19, 2013

yeah it isnt good, one of the first times i tried recording 3Do, i wouldve
redone it but the game is so bad i couldnt bring myself to it.

Akiles BaezaPosted on  9:28 am - Sep 26, 2013

“the game nerd guy”? you kidding?? are you the calm cousin of the angry
video game nerd? 

Neo DCPosted on  1:00 pm - Oct 1, 2013

it’s like screenshots of the story parts of an old porno.

tatiana díazPosted on  2:47 pm - Oct 7, 2013

it’s only a piece of shit!

xxx xxPosted on  9:09 am - Nov 16, 2013

Really would have loved it if you would stop fucking talking over the
goddamn cutscenes, I wanted to hear the dialogue.

Adolf HitlerPosted on  6:28 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Best game ever made indeed!

MisterGenesis64AKPosted on  7:21 pm - Nov 25, 2013

AVGN brought me here

Haamid501Posted on  4:09 am - Nov 28, 2013

BrainScratchComms sent me here

Ailani BatronyPosted on  11:01 pm - Dec 2, 2013

How come whenever I see a PDWT review with the player’s voice only, the
video ALWAYS faster than the audio!?!?

ToastyZestPosted on  5:15 pm - Dec 9, 2013


C PTPosted on  6:23 pm - Dec 17, 2013

The game does pretty much sum up early 90s soap operas right here. :P

SpooneadsPosted on  6:45 pm - Dec 20, 2013

Oh god, I’m dying! This game is SO BAD it’s hilarious!

ReapexxPosted on  2:09 pm - Dec 21, 2013

“One wrong move, and you’re sitting here alone on a Saturday night.”


Clementine EverettPosted on  9:55 am - Dec 22, 2013

What kind of game is this?!

Daniel HernandezPosted on  2:22 am - Dec 28, 2013

like if someordinarygamers brought you here

Dmitriy KalikPosted on  5:41 am - Jan 17, 2014

Can we finally get the real version of this game, with full motion video
throughout the whole story; perhaps for the 20th anniversary of this game
?! I bet the actors in this video game are regreting their choice to star
in this pseudo mockery of video games everywhere. With enough training and
practice, I could have come up with a better startling and more interactive
choices. If only David Cage were willing to remake this Microsoft
PowerPoint reject ha-ha. 

Dmitriy KalikPosted on  5:44 am - Jan 17, 2014

I meant better story and more in deapth interactive choices. Just take a
look at Heavy Rain and Shenmue, now those were some truly magnificent video
games that let the player decide the outcome of the story. 

CabbitSDPosted on  6:14 am - Jan 17, 2014

This… is… not a video game. It’s like if LJN made a movie on a
million dollar budget.

Ryan ReynoldsPosted on  6:04 pm - Jan 21, 2014

This shit is just awful

Matthew ChaisuwanPosted on  9:23 am - Feb 20, 2014

dat abs, can’t… concentrate hrrrnhgggh

Ricardo Metelo (FFG)Posted on  8:52 pm - Feb 28, 2014

i hate to say this…but my dog could do a better game all i need to do was
recording him while he take a shiiit.

dvon1097Posted on  2:17 pm - Mar 9, 2014

If it was actually a fuckin fmv instead of a fuckin slideshow of pics, I
don’t think it would be as bad

Big Boss/Punished SnakePosted on  5:52 pm - Mar 16, 2014

I liked the AVGN’s review of it and all, but I didn’t realize how many of
the weird scenes he cut out. Seriously, this game is *worse* than I
originally thought – and THAT is saying something.

211AppoloPosted on  3:00 pm - Apr 4, 2014

You see, this is what the Xbox One and PS4 are capable of. 

Kyle StocktonPosted on  11:08 pm - Apr 4, 2014

that ending just made me mad hahaha

LaurelindoPosted on  2:05 pm - Apr 22, 2014

This is the first time I have seen a game that you can pretty much say you
have played after watching a review of it on YouTube.
It’s almost just a bunch of slideshows anyway, so I am practically playing
this game myself on here right now.

On Knees for JesusPosted on  9:53 am - Apr 26, 2014

The guy is hot.

zambimaruPosted on  4:19 am - Apr 29, 2014

Someone needs to find the creators of this game and interview them.

mr. phoenixPosted on  2:08 am - Jun 23, 2014

if this was full motion it would still be nothing special but at least

Arturo Hernandez LopezPosted on  11:19 pm - Jul 6, 2014

Jeanne Bsone, AKA Hollywood from G.L.O.W.

Dank TaintPosted on  8:55 pm - Jul 13, 2014


Usdiuadn NjsknadkPosted on  12:39 am - Aug 18, 2014

this shit had me laughing so hard

The Nexus CorePosted on  4:29 am - Nov 5, 2014


Scarlet CrusaderPosted on  5:31 am - Dec 13, 2014

“There’s a code to remove the Censor bars. Or censor faces with a nose”.

icomp187Posted on  3:41 pm - Feb 17, 2015

I demand a documentary of this game’s development process and the people
responsible for it.

Fred FredericksonPosted on  2:30 pm - Oct 8, 2015

Oh come on, put in the code so I can see John’s hairy ass!

Tobey StarburstPosted on  10:13 am - Oct 11, 2015

Best game ever.

HồngLộc BạchPosted on  1:17 am - Apr 5, 2016


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