new bathroom vanity sink and pvc drain:plumbing tips

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Brian DjordjevicPosted on  4:42 am - Mar 31, 2016

You are correct Mark M but if that line needs to be snaked it will be

David WilsonPosted on  4:24 pm - Apr 9, 2016

2 hardware stores and Home Depot did not have “special PVC reemer” (PVC
cutter head)
Would be better/more homeowner friendly to cut the pipe coming from the
wall leaving enough for coupler.

Nicolás AraquePosted on  7:47 pm - Apr 14, 2016

Watching from London!
I really like your videos keep it up!

Dan TPosted on  6:01 pm - May 6, 2016

I think the straight section should have been done at the wall and then the
elbow. That way if the sink needed to be changed again, you could put a
coupling on straight section and reroute. Best would have been a trap
adapter at wall and slip nut the rest.

Jessica MartinezPosted on  7:49 pm - May 13, 2016

I don’t have air vent. how do I make one. my mobile home smelling like out
house. you don’t have no video how to make one

legalsolutions07Posted on  6:53 am - May 15, 2016

Good video. When the down pipe that’s under the drain basket is out of
alignment from the drain pipe coming out of the wall do you piece it
together with smooth pvc pipe as shown in this video as opposed to using
flex pipe (which would eliminate having to cut and piece it all together)?
What’s the biggest disadvantages with using flex pipe under a kitchen or
bathroom sink?

e jamesPosted on  9:11 am - May 16, 2016

that drill noise reminds me of my dentist.
I think the bill is about the same too……

Eric SanchezPosted on  3:43 am - Jun 9, 2016

Flex pipe will not pass code and the Dude is doing it the right way the
first time.

yakub idrisPosted on  7:07 am - Jun 19, 2016

nice one I love this

angela pfeifferPosted on  4:24 am - Jun 29, 2016

How come some of the gooseneck a “the part that sticks out of the wall from
the plumbing” has to be cut? Some people twist it off but mine doesn’t look
like that. It looks like the one in this video.

Mike ReismanPosted on  2:48 am - Jul 9, 2016

Anyone know what the reducer with compression fitting that connects the
glued to the blue sink drain outlet is called? And is it allowable/code to
use a DWV union behind the trap? I get so tired messing with stuff.

Julie WuPosted on  11:58 pm - Jul 12, 2016

Wow you made it so easy. I have a problem of the joint leaking slowly, but
it’s black color drain pipe with something seems I can turn the joints and
I see yellow color glue ( I suppose ) not sure if it I replace the glue
would fix the problem.

Kenneth KopczykPosted on  2:49 am - Aug 9, 2016

Question: When you make all the PVC connections, I noticed that you are
double swabbing each end. Are you using two types of glue? And what type of
glue are you using? Thank you!

Christopher KatzPosted on  8:40 pm - Aug 16, 2016

Big Deal man super easy….And you really didn’t have to change the drain
gave yourself extra work for nothing unless you were just trying to get
over on your customer lol

Carol CarmelPosted on  8:03 pm - Aug 17, 2016

You talk like a gangster….:)

Lowe BersaPosted on  2:33 pm - Aug 22, 2016

dont you use like push in parts? in sweden we never ever use glue. we have
parts with rubber seals we just push together and you can take it apart
verry easy. just wondering if its in use in your country?😊

Kevin ManceroPosted on  4:32 am - Aug 23, 2016

What’s that bin you use to clean up that pvc called

catalina garganoPosted on  3:09 am - Sep 7, 2016

I like your content very educational

catalina garganoPosted on  3:13 am - Sep 7, 2016

here a joke for you steve why you wear gloves. i know you mentioned in
other videos just kidding . Its obvoius right ? I learned a lot from your

catalina garganoPosted on  3:15 am - Sep 7, 2016

Steve you from Massachusetts, I hear that bostian accent. Im in Connecticut
near New Haven

dominionn09Posted on  5:02 pm - Sep 11, 2016

I have to cut the pipe completely flush to the wall because it comes
through the side and the new cabinet wont fit. Can I cut it flush and stick
a PVC extention to the curved parts?

Carl WinslowPosted on  4:25 am - Sep 12, 2016

Best video I’ve seen so far. I have a ikea sink that I’m trying to connect
to my existing plumbing. The Ikea sink came with its own plumbing but is 1
1/4 and my old drain plumbing is 1 1/2. That adapter you use before the P
trap to connect the blue plumbing to the white is the KEY to my problem.
Thanks so much. I going to toss out most of the useless ikea parts and just
stick to 1 1/2 abs for the rest.

Dall TexPosted on  11:56 pm - Sep 13, 2016

To remove a pipe from a fitting I’ve used pvc glue swabbed on the inside
then light it on fire then stick a screw driver between the pipe and
fitting and the heated pipe peels right out. Would never do this in this
situation due to fire hazard and fumes.

JGPosted on  5:40 pm - Sep 24, 2016

excellent. helped me finish the same exact home project. Thank you.

Craig DanielPosted on  7:28 pm - Sep 24, 2016

thanks for this , I always have problems with this clears it up .. nice job

jimbola77Posted on  1:06 pm - Sep 29, 2016

very nice job mr steve say hi to the baby mama for me!!!!!!! i’m hooked on
all your video’s….

Joseph GeronimoPosted on  11:45 am - Oct 13, 2016

Hello Steve why don’t you use LA trap? The way its glued in you would
have to cut the trap off again to snake.Love your videos and Mama. Keep
them coming.

Bingo BingoPosted on  1:01 am - Oct 19, 2016

you used some skillz right there man, lol! you did a really skilled and
nice job:)

Brendan PodgorskiPosted on  2:01 am - Oct 19, 2016

That’s next level , do you glue cpvc potable water supply lines the same
way just with different glue? And how long does that need to dry before
turning water back on ?

CenterTree777Posted on  1:58 am - Oct 20, 2016

Aren’t bathroom lav sinks supposed to use 1-1/4 inch drains, vent and trap?
Why did you install 1-1/2 inch?

varouj papazianPosted on  10:03 pm - Oct 21, 2016

good job steven where can i find? the cutter or plastic shaver ? pls can
you let me know ty

Robert bPosted on  7:23 pm - Nov 13, 2016

so you glued the pea trap solid? what happens if you need to understand
clog it . because of major debris?

David OkanaganPosted on  4:07 am - Nov 18, 2016

what a neat tool , I would like to know, as well, where to get one.

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