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Rick MurrayPosted on  8:04 pm - Nov 13, 2016

So can I ask why you didn’t just use a compression fitting?

Gary ChandlerPosted on  1:14 pm - Nov 15, 2016

Gotta love working with “kwappuh”! (jk!)

Ace Of KingsPosted on  4:04 am - Nov 25, 2016

1 vacuum breaker for all 3….is that a no-no? i wouldve use a regular coup
and or slip coup.but i over heard you say that the reason for the tee was
for pressure build up. could you explain the reason for using the tee a bit
more in depth? thanks in advance

KAREN WPosted on  9:42 am - Dec 17, 2016

Well, there you go, it was the “blob of shit inside” causing the leak all

Hussein NasirPosted on  1:02 pm - Dec 20, 2016

why u did not solder the leak hole or weld it ? it’s better than cutting
the main tube unles u want a new out let.

Robert SuelterPosted on  6:36 pm - Dec 23, 2016

Every hardware store sells a bolt on gasket clamp to bolt right on. $2.49
and you are done. Why go thru all the trouble

MCxSPEAKERPosted on  7:38 pm - Dec 26, 2016

Awesome !!!

lou fPosted on  5:48 pm - Jan 14, 2017

I had that once looked like a bunch of pin holes turned out that the
bonding wire from the electrical panel was hooked onto that copper pipe it
was caused by electrolysis

David MoultonPosted on  1:54 am - Jan 25, 2017

I see nothing wrong with this repair maybe wiped the joints to soon but you
don’t know that for sure video is edited nice job Steve

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