Plumber’s Best Friend – Brawl in the Family

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InitialVoxPosted on  12:12 am - Oct 2, 2016

The yoshi would be fine, without the burden of Mario on his back he could
do the kicking float technique and land safely, wherever the bottom is
He could do it in Yoshis Island because baby Mario was lighter than adult

sqsimpPosted on  9:47 pm - Oct 2, 2016

My old cat who grow up with me died a month ago, luckily we got 2 new
kittens to love now

Kayla MoralesPosted on  12:43 am - Oct 3, 2016

so sad

Btty CerdaPosted on  2:48 am - Oct 8, 2016


Noah IriartePosted on  1:16 am - Oct 11, 2016

meh feels. ded

Yoshi 244Posted on  9:29 pm - Oct 11, 2016

my dog died this summer

まじょらPosted on  12:41 pm - Oct 12, 2016

To my Aunt died when I turned 1. Why cancer. (Atleast I think it was)

Graphite Tail GracePosted on  1:11 pm - Oct 12, 2016

For Smore, Jerry, Nemo, Eddie, Eve, Ricky, and Wellington, who all died
from various causes (mostly old age) over the years.

Chase Plays Some GamesPosted on  7:28 pm - Oct 13, 2016

They’ll never meet again.

According to Super Paper Mario, Mario is gonna go to Hell, not Heaven.

All the greed of hoarding those coins musta caught up with him.

Flippert Toontown videosPosted on  8:03 pm - Oct 13, 2016

To ma boi gorden the dog (1989 to 2007) died when i came home from school.
He was the first thing i ever saw
Truely a mans best friend

TheBigLuigiLoverPosted on  9:51 am - Oct 18, 2016

To my PC, Al. 2010-2013??? He died from computer viruses

Louie The King Of GamesPosted on  8:16 pm - Oct 18, 2016

I had a cat that died… I am guessing this is not relevant because the vid
was made because of a dog not a cat.

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