Plumbers Pipe Wrench

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teo2doraPosted on  8:37 pm - Jul 12, 2011

it’s copied after Ridgid RapidGrip

Walter CoadyPosted on  8:29 am - Apr 6, 2013

ive just bought a hilman 10″ wrench, how do i loosen it, i cant open it up?

plumbersinbristolPosted on  1:48 am - Jan 21, 2014

These are decent plumbers wrenches

roxydog2004Posted on  11:48 pm - Sep 8, 2014

There should be 3 sides of the wrench against that pipe so as not to bend
it ,it’s easy to turn a loose pipe, and they’ve had spring loaded
wrenches on Sears CM for yrs, it’s nothing new !

Eli KuzmićPosted on  2:10 pm - Dec 24, 2015

ye Vern, meter of need no other , unless routs became a kilt for cooking.
Great is a plumber on job, new tool and sign not to get help, Rather change
a pipes, in new after led light in sets. Out ! It works only on open with
crash. (a clock)

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