SMBSS – Plumbers and a Baby (1/2)

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Son of TiamatPosted on  5:00 am - Jun 19, 2011

@peacehydra I think he has an adult baby fetish in this one…which would
probably make it even harder to take him seriously! Geez, what was up with
this show?

DeeandEdPosted on  10:49 pm - Jul 24, 2011

LOL Here, baby princess! Uncle mario has a big surprise for you! *twig
breaks* BUT THAT’S NOT IT!!!!

XorfalonPosted on  12:43 pm - Oct 9, 2011

AT 3:40-3:42 Did I just see the Pricess’s undrewear?

pharyn rollerPosted on  3:36 pm - Jan 27, 2012

i love that show children who watch the show

class37100Posted on  2:28 pm - Mar 16, 2012

king gooogoooo i love it

Tiffany SalazarPosted on  3:27 am - Jun 26, 2012

princess turns into a baby

Titan360Posted on  11:32 pm - Dec 3, 2012

Your plan is to turn them into babies and…enslave them? Geez, they could
at least be 1920s “happy elves” if you made them 8 years old instead of
eight months. The only “enslavement” you can get out of babies (since you
aren’t waiting for them to grow up or you would’ve just gone that route)
is….if you needed some kind of pet, I guess. A noisy, hair-pulling,
screaming, needy, pet that you can never adequately housebreak. and if
that’s the case…..wait, who’s the slave here?

Titan360Posted on  11:36 pm - Dec 3, 2012

and by route, I mean that again, he could’ve just turned them into kid-kids
and do the child labor thing with children that are mostly just as helpless
and controllable and can actually DO LABOR. Meh. This is the obligatory age
regression episode. FiM just had slipped their quota in at the same time
Trixie came back, and killed two birds with one stone. Fluttershy: GASP!
*rolls eyes* Figure of speech. Geez, have at least a little backbone, Shy.

Katie OBrianPosted on  7:44 pm - May 20, 2013

KingKoopa is so fat :P

TobyandMavisforeverPosted on  8:20 am - Aug 5, 2014

Koopa gets a net thrown at him instead. Hilarious.

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