Youtube Poop – The Plumbers Strike Back

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WyvernGMPosted on  1:40 am - Feb 4, 2008

Lol, Mario breaths fire and Luigi shoots bullets out of his fingers!

filitalianPosted on  10:51 pm - Dec 17, 2008

Death – “The Philosopher” 5/5

KozerPosted on  2:29 pm - Jun 19, 2009

It’s one of the few games that came out for a console nobody has ever heard
of. Nintendo didn’t make it, so as you would think, it’s shitty and isn’t
even recognized as an actual Zelda game. Can’t remember what it’s called,
but it’s not not worth your time. Actually angry video game nerd made a
video on it.

lexos1993Posted on  4:02 pm - Jun 19, 2009

its the cd-i! never knew what it was till i saw ytps

devilmaycryagencyPosted on  1:08 am - Jul 1, 2009

there’s acient scrolls describing the lost metroid cd-i game, where you can
only shoot forward and energy balls choke you, and where mother brain has a

Pascal BeaucheminPosted on  7:47 pm - Jul 3, 2009

Quick ! Take the Triforce of Dinner !

infantryhawkPosted on  1:30 am - Jul 6, 2009

where do you think? maybe read the watermark in the cornor, genius?

Llaveroja27Posted on  8:19 am - Jul 9, 2009

wow 4:11 nice

Deadly920Posted on  10:17 pm - Jul 10, 2009

Hmm, I expected a more valiant fight from the king.

DaddlerTheDalekPosted on  5:13 pm - Jul 12, 2009

Triforce of dinner!

anderssan1Posted on  4:18 pm - Jul 23, 2009

if u need instructions, on how to get through my shit, check out the
f***ing book. XD

DestructeratorPosted on  8:41 pm - Sep 1, 2009

1:38 F*** YOU, YOU WILL DIE. Bam bam bam

Johnathan LaFeyPosted on  5:30 am - Sep 9, 2009


Bowser_nlPosted on  11:54 am - Oct 19, 2009

Remember, where there’s smoke there’s Luigi!

PeaBrainePosted on  4:42 am - Oct 21, 2009

movie and sound quality sux a pingas. windows movie maker is a piece of
ship. old youtube poop jokes, if they can be considered “jokes” cause
they’re not funny. and do you think you’re cool cause your name has the
numbers “666” in it? you’re so immature and naiive. i hope you know what
that number means and what it costs you to wear it like you do.

thrashfan666Posted on  1:57 pm - Oct 25, 2009

It costs me nothing to excersize my free will..its just a YouTube account,
so keep your pants on. Little bitch.

mindaugas49ccmPosted on  7:00 am - Nov 15, 2009

This video SUX !!! to many censor. And main character “The King” was killed

razark9Posted on  2:06 pm - Nov 16, 2009

It was so frikin funny at the end

DesertFoxN225Posted on  3:00 am - Nov 19, 2009

I love how ppl get along on you tube

ScobragonPosted on  11:58 pm - Jan 26, 2010

GO GO Luigi fingergun

laynestaley1990Posted on  8:04 am - Feb 18, 2010

SEXUAL CHOCOLATE BABAY!!!!! lol alice is made of pro…nice video :P

Gorea1922Posted on  3:58 pm - Apr 15, 2010

LoLz the triforce of dinner XDD n1

Dulal GaziPosted on  12:58 am - May 20, 2010

lol permanent hoe

Mudkiprocketship3003Posted on  7:41 pm - Jun 28, 2010


The_KJBPosted on  11:39 am - Jul 19, 2010

“It’s been one of those ****ing days!!”

Hector LobotomyPosted on  3:20 pm - Aug 10, 2010

we gotta four the princess O_O

LightningFastStudiosPosted on  4:11 pm - Aug 10, 2010

Oh, snap, I do have to eat dinner.

Nick EmmaPosted on  3:08 am - Sep 21, 2010

Lol no!? I’m gay

Nondescript_BritPosted on  7:42 pm - Nov 7, 2010

“The triforce of Wisdom predicts the king will safely DIE.” I nearly died

Michiel FratersPosted on  9:14 pm - Dec 28, 2010

cool, but for the battles you could have used super smash bros (wichever
version there was at time of making.)

Too Hot SriachaPosted on  12:03 am - Apr 27, 2011

I believe this video can take the award for the Biggest Exploding Orgasm
Ever. Seriously. Link blew it so hard the Princess flew out of an exploding

aquaray64Posted on  12:07 pm - Jun 3, 2011

Zelda my ship is under attack by the evil forces of MARIO I going my s**t
to srubble him.

AndyDevicePosted on  11:44 pm - Aug 11, 2011

Omg i laughed even after minutes when the video was over. The end was too
much, when princess wanted to kiss Mario, and then he: no im gay. LOL!!

kaporal jonPosted on  4:29 pm - Sep 13, 2011

j’adore quand mario crame la gueule du rois hahahaha!!!!

BluesPosted on  6:21 am - Nov 5, 2011

remember:When there is smoke (RTGFWVASGFSDTFDS) there is WEEGEE! XD

Revive the MusicPosted on  7:59 am - Jun 9, 2012

holy crap i died when he said no im gay :P

The Real Alston BivensPosted on  11:45 pm - Feb 21, 2014

“The Princess is now a permanent HOE”
I lost it.

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